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NEW ! THE DEAL A limited Art edition EP CD/USB , 5 new songs;

A few painted Usb keys of The Deal £15 all incl.

The Deal USB £15 p&p included


THE DEAL, Hand painted Xmas cards ( edition of 10 ) + USB

THE DEAL A4 original Art work + EP on USB key

the 3 of swords or the end of delusion – released Oct 2021,

on sale exclusively here 200 hand painted numbered CD-R copies

Watch out for interactive ‘gatherings’ performances Salons happening across the country to promote the Cd, relationships and art ❤️🗡❤️🗡❤️🗡❤️

Review by Ian Canty in Louder than War. October 2021 :

OPTION 1 The Deal EP ( £25 UK postage )
The Deal EP ( £30 worldwide postage )

The Deal Art EP Cd


********************************************************************************* THE DEAL, a 5 songs EP, ‘live in the studio’

Soho Mon Amour , La Forêt, Satan’s Diamonds, The Deal, The Artist

Produced by Anne Pigalle, engineered and mixed at W11 studios by Kevin Harris. Drums Chris Musto, Bass Mark Hayward Chaplin, Guitars, ebow, dulcimer, accordeon, balalaika and drums on Soho Mon Amour Nick Farr, bass on Soho Mon Amour Neil Anderson, songs co written by Anne Pigalle and Nick Farr, copyright Ⓒ Anne Pigalle 2021



Self portrait Polaroid


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Self Portrait



ECSTASE VINYL £30 ( p&p included )
ECSTASE CD £15 ( p&p included )

pastedimage  pastedimage-2

ECSTASE, on vinyl, only 900 copies, numbered and signed -ask your  dedication 

                     A filmic album
The odyssey of a woman through the underworld of Paris, London and Los Angeles
                           All songs written and produced by Anne Pigalle

MOJO: Written, produced and powerfully sung by Pigalle, Ecstase is her most satisfactory album to date. 10 songs progressing from melancholy to True love via Black Dahlia, the unsolved 1947 murder case, inspiring overripe art rock noir a la Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, while La Ballade du Late Night Soho and the playful A Man on Picadilly with Terry Edwards jaunty sax echo Hunky Dory. Accordeon waltz Oh My Love is cabaret chanson nonpareil, while I Found You has the sumptuously affecting romanticism of early Roxy Music.’  Matt Snow August 2019

CLASSIC ROCK. June 2019, Exotic, alluring, the self style last chanteuse sighs and emotes a world weary ennui.Snatched glimpses of Soho refracted through an absinthe haze. Glorious, libertine , intoxicating. Ian Fortnam June 2019

NEIL SPENCER ( NME- The Observer ) WRITES: To old Soho last week, the launch of La Derniere Chanteuse’s Ecstase. Resplendant in green satin, an owl mask perched on her chapeau, Anne threw shapes derived from the sirens of pre and post-war Paris. Sweet home movie of the Riviera too


Madame Sex & l’Ame Erotique

In spite of a generic art world and music industry , here comes authentic little paintings with a gem of a CD inside!  – 26 tracks – Signed


List of tracks : MADAME SEX & L’ AME EROTIQUE

Queen Maria / Ace of Spade / Madame Sex / The Land of Plenty / Letter to an imaginary lover / Over The Top / Pigalle, London, Paris / E-rotica De Toi/ C***t Me In/ Saint Orgasm / X Amount / The Whole / La Femme Chat / Not Only The Flesh / Sulfur /Are You For Real? /You Give Me Asthma / 23 /La Pucelle / Nothing Happens…/Red Like Envy / A New Life / Le Poète Est Anglais/ The Garden of Eden / Voodoo Doll / Lunch

Other reviews for Ecstase   :

Doug: ECSTASE has reached American shores. Thank God.Boerum Hill, Brooklyn,New York to be exact. I listened quickly ( as I was heading out to the cinema) and that is EXACTLY what you DON’T do. This is not a toss away, play today, forget tomorrow album.This is a work of art. As is anything Anne Pigalle touches.
It’s a personal album, and in a day and age where personal, as in what’s important to you, gets lost by the second. But as in any great work of art , the artists vulnerability , which in this case lays between the grooves, gives rise to the listeners.
When you listen to as much music as I do and for as long as I have, you can’t help it- your brain is going to match it up with something you know. And the two names that came up immediately were Tom Waits and Lou Reed. And it’s not that the record sounds like either artist. The connection is the individuality, the fierce stand for personal creativity. And whether it was Pigalle’s intention or not, it’s a call to arms for your own.
Matt: ‘I have no words to describe how brilliant this record is. It’s beyond words. Wherever you are, you ought to purchase a copy of this jewel before all copies are gone. It’s for me the album of the year 2018. I’m literally spellbound by Anne’s unique interpretation and her stunning voice. The Lynch-esque atmosphere emerging from the orchestrations and arrangements is hauting. I can’t stop playing it over and over again. Sorry if I’m very bad at writing reviews: all i can say is “buy it with eyes closed, you shall not regret it “. You can only regret not to own a copy when they’re all sold out!’Martin :’Listening to the wonderful album. I am totally mesmerized by it. It’s a must have !’
Solange : ‘Sublime nouvel album d’Anne Pigalle aka The Last Chanteuse. Totaly home made en édition limitée. Only for those who have taste.’
Martin: ‘Listening to the wonderful album. I am totally mesmerized by it. It’s a must have !’
Andy : Anne, Ecstase is a superb album. I listened intently to the whole thing from start to finish – something I hadn’t done with any new album in years – and it was such a deliciously intense and intimate experience




kevin21.By Kevin Cummins ‘ The Queen Of Soho


derek-ridgers 2.By Derek Ridgers at London studio

                                             3.By NickKnight IDportrait-anne-pigalle-by-mario-testino                                                                  4.By Mario Testino



“As Anne Pigalle strutted her stuff, the cameramen went into overdrive. She looked as though she just got up after a night on the absinthe and sung wonderfully”


‘The legendary chanteuse”


“The music and fashion muse on a life less ordinary”


” Moody, magnificent, and with a stunning range, Anne Pigalle’s shows transport you to a world of gorgeous sensuality and vanished times. Breathtakingly good.”


Miss Pigalle has performed in : UK, USA, France, Mexico. Japan, Afrika, Switzerland, Spain, Italy,, Austria, Germany.

Miss Pigalle has exhibited in the UK, USA, France and Mexico.

Miss Pigalle has been written about in : Dazed and Confused, I-D Magazine, The Face, Blitz, The Sunday Times, The Independant, State Magazine, Best, City, The Times, Telerama, Detour, Metal ( Spain ), Tatler, Harpers&Queen, Hi Style ( Japan ), The Daily Mail, Smash Hits, Ms London, Metro, Spin Magazine (US), Metal Hurlant, Wiener, Elle, Zig Zag, Actuel, Nude, The Guardian. VSD, City Limits, the LA Reader, Unique, Lei, Vogue, France Soir, Marie Claire, Mojo, Cut, Premiere, The Quietus, Dangerous Minds, Honey, Melody Maker, NME, Music Week, Undercurrent, Record Collector, The London Paper, Time Out, Photo, Stella, Esquire, Zoom, The Telegraph, Bizarre, classic Rock, etc…

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***************************************************** **** AWARD WINNER for best ART FILM at the Portobello film festival 2019 for the multi media film project Ecstase



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